Jiaqi Li


+86 (0) 185-6631-8716


I am a visual art worker. I draw inspiration from phenomena in the information age. They are digital simulacra: tricks, camouflage, or fantasies that are produced and circulated by capital and can easily manipulate the narrative of the real. I re-present them using laser printing, moving images, and ready-made objects to illustrate a contradiction between utopian imagery and traumatized reality. These practices challenge the existed visual experience and open a discussion to the viewers. And a joke is also a formula embedded throughout my work including visual art, text-based graphics, and experimental public events. That is because art is not used to solve a problem but allows us to converse about it.


When 80% of our understanding of the world comes from narratives other than experience, I know we are practicing Jean Baudrillard’s theory deeply. But there is no good or bad between simulation and reality. Unlike an octopus that has to go through everything on its own, the story, the experience, and the imagination that we had been told formed our culture and aesthetic values. Therefore I embrace both real and unreal. And I draw no line in between. I work as a pessimist who pretends to be an optimist, a realist who pretends to be an idealist.