Jiaqi Li




Most Xciting Talk (w/ audio commentary)

最氵敫动的对谈 (含评论音轨) (2020)


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Departmental Grad Talk. Jiaqi invited his peer Chenyu to be a special guest. Chenyu was supposed to be a supportive guest, but he turned out to be a person who interrupted and ruined Jiaqi’s talk. Chenyu had opposite opinions against Jiaqi on two major issues: the definition of an artist and the role of art. This self-directed and self-aware artist talk is the 3rd part of Jiaqi's experimental event questioning being an artist.




生效的不生效: 空间拼贴的真相 (2020)





Effective Ineffectiveness: Facts About Space Collage (2020)


Space Collage is a phenomenon of those 2D life-size pictures installed in 3D space. The video explores its applications in several aspects. And by comparing this phenomena and artworks made in this way, the video for the first time summarizes and classifies a technique that its academic value has been ignored.